Customer Stories

Xinomavro Ventures
Xinomavro is a collective of professional investors backing innovation in the wine and beverage industries. They invest in companies where knowledge, expertise and network can be provided as added value by their network of experts.
Weisshorn Asset Management
Weisshorn Asset Management is an independent Wealth Management company based in Geneva, offering investment management and advisory services to private clients.
Climate Insiders
Climate Insiders is a global syndicate enabeling investors to access climate moonshot technologies. The syndicate only support disruptive hardware deeptech innovations with the potential to reduce 1 million tons of CO2e emissions.
Cambrium is a private Berlin based company on a mission to trigger the next wave of material innovation by harnessing biology’s molecular building blocks.
Marble is a Paris based climate tech venture studio on a mission to bring at least one gigaton closer to net zero. They partner with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere and create climate resilience.