What are Bankable & 
Clearable Securities ?

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What are Bankable Assets ?

In a traditional wealth management portfolio, bankable assets are typically made of public shares, bonds and funds. These assets are made visible in an investor's bank portfolio and are therefore considered "bankable".

Traditionally, other alternative assets like direct investments in private companies, private equity funds, rare collectibles and other off-market assets did not appear on an investor's bank portfolio and were therefore considered non-bankable assets.

Thanks to our securitisation process, KAPITAL makes it easy to package any underlying assets into bankable and clearable securities, by mirroring the value of any underlying asset.

What is a Clearable Security ?

A clearable security is a financial product that can be traded on an existing marketplace and via intermediaries such as banks, brokers and traders.

A clearing house is the financial institution that will facilitate the trading and settlement process for two parties to safely exchange payments, securities, or derivatives transactions.

What is an ISIN Code ?

An International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a unique code that  identifies a security globally for the purposes of facilitating clearing, reporting and settlement of trades. An ISIN code is necessary for any financial product to become bankable, and to be traded via existing marketplace and clearinghouses.

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